Wheverever There’s A Fight

One of the best things about working at De Anza Community College is that I’m always surrounded by history and culture. The best places to get both of these things on campus is the California History Center and the Euphrat Art Museum, but mostly because I work at both places lol.

front view

Just to give you a little background story about De Anza before it was community college the land was a beautiful estate with a romantic mansion. The property was owned by a couple of wealthy families that came with a vineyard, winery, sunken garden, and guest quarters. Since the property was purchased by Foothill College most of the property has been

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The Jerome Project

This summer I had the honor of being apart of a week-long art experience  called Arts & Social Justice Leadership Institute at the Euphrat Museum at De Anza College campus given by the museum director Diana Argabrite and Dr. Julie Lewis who heads the Black Leadership Collective.

At the end of the summer program with Titus Kaphar

At the end of the summer program with Titus Kaphar

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Cantor Art Center

There are a lot of museums in the bay area and I want to see them all!!! I recently went to the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Art at Standford University in Palo Alto, California. This two story museum with amazing sculpture garden is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, which I did.


The front entrance of the Museum.

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Hello Blog World

Hello All!!!

Welcome to my new blog where I will jot down all my thoughts, adventures, concerns, and everything else in-between. I am really excited to embark on this new journey and I hope you take the ride with me.

What you will find in my up coming blogs will mainly be about different museums I explore, anything historical whether it be people, places, events, time periods, different cultures, issues and whatever comes to my mind. Yes i am big history nerd and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love history because it takes you back in time to places that you may have never been and you can emerge yourself in it.

Some of my interest are Egyptology, America history, European History, and African-American History. I am really fascinated with royalty, the hierarchy system, and everything that comes with it. some of my favorite time periods are the antebellum south( the idea of being a lady with status that is lol), roaring twenties, 30’s, 40’s. I’m told I have an old soul with the a taste of higher living, but every girl wants to be treated as a queen right?

Besides history I am a big movie buff and have an ever-growing dvd collections. Movies for me are fun and a great escape from the real world and  I love to get lost in the story line.

I can’t wait to take you all on my museum adventures and my through my historical thoughts