Long May She REIGN

Fall is my favorite time of year!!!! I love the leaves changing color, the cool weather, wearing scarves, plus my birthday is in October. But I really love fall because the best tv shows come on during this time of year (I have a weekly tv schedule lol). I was completely OBSESSED with the Tudors when it was on HBO, and I was sad when the show ended. And then REIGN happened to my life lol and all was right with the world again.loveimagesSK2DWTX3

So basically Reign is a historical fantasy romance tv show on the CW. The show starts off with Mary Queen of Scots when she returns to French court after being hide in a convent in Scotland. She has been betrothed to the future King of France Francis since they were children. I first watched the series on Netflix and the next thing I knew I watched 8 episodes in one day. I couldn’t stop watching it I was addicted lie a crack head lol. I mainly kept watching because of love story between Mary and Francis. I’m not gunna lie I was getting so pissed because one minute they were a couple and then they weren’t. Or the Queen of France was trying to kill to Mary, I kept screaming at the tv “just get married already damnit” hahahaha.


I’m in the middle of watching the second season so I’m up to date by the time seaon 3 starts. Which the premiere date of the new season 3 episodes is October 9, 2015.  I love the drama of whole show with plagues, murders, lies, and relationship issues.  It took me awhile to notice that the actor who plays Bash was also in the Tudors as Thomas Culpepper. I love it when one of my old favorite shows collides with a new favorite.


As a history lover I should be turned off by the historical inaccuracy, but the show is just way too entertaining. Plus I love the clothes that Mary and her ladies in waiting are always wearing. Their outfits and jewelry are so beautiful!! it completely makes me want to switch time periods but then I think about not having hot running water lol.ladies

Long may she Reign


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