DIY Hair Growth Oil Treatment + DIY Hair & Body Oil


Healthy hair grows and that is a fact but sometimes when we want to reach a particular longer hair length we must keep many factors in mind to achieve that length goal. Since I was a 3-4 years old to my early teens Ive always had long hair, and the longest its been is right above my booty around the ages of 12-14 years old, before I got into the habit of trimming layered styles into my hair every few months or so to add volume and definition to my natural curls. Now as an adult Ive learned a lot from my experience of losing my natural hair texture due to unhealthy, fried brittle hair from the use of over heat which gave me heat damage. Ive recovered my hair and gained very healthy hair. Ive kept it healthy for the past 4-5 years due to never straightening or using…

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