Mooncakes, Churros, and Cherry Pie

I don’t know about you but this girl right here loves food lol but at the same time I’m a very picky eater which drives my family crazy but that sounds like a personal problem to me! It’s my stomach so I eat what I want.  Enough of my babble and on to the post…The Euphrat Museum of Art has a brand show called Mooncakes, Churros, and Cherry Pie running February 2- March 19, 2015; and reception with artists on February 18, 5:30-7:30PM with free food!!!


What you will find in this show is people of all different races, gender, and walks of life represented. How food and culture connect, how certain types of food are the center of some cultures, different cultures eat the same foods but in a different way. This is because of the great director that the museum has Diana Argabrite and the way she curates a show unlike another I have seen before. Making sure to curate and be concision of the artist and work is how your show will never be made of works done all white, older, or dead men; which happens a lot in museums more so the ones with tons of money.


The best thing about this show is that I got to pick out a couple of pieces in this show!! myself and another intern accompanied Diana to a studio visit (which I never done before) of local artist named Ann Webber. Being able to pick out pieces for this show gave me such high unlike anything I’ve ever felt, and the ultimate  power rush(I have control issues lol). It was such a crazy feeling knowing that people are going to be looking at certain art pieces because of me.


With Ann Webber


my favorite piece that I picked was “Big Strange”

At the reception 2 of the artist flew in from LA to speak wit the De Anza students and it was such an honor to meet them. There was African dance and lots of yummy food. If you’re ever in the area drop by the Euphrat and take a look at the show!


with artist Patrick Martinez


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