De Young

When I walk into a museum it gives me such an adrenaline rush seeing all the exhibits like I’m on a roller coaster ride, and when its over I need to go to another one lol museums are my own type of personal drug(if that makes sense lol). This Saturday I got to go the De Young Museum in San Francisco and see the Keith Haring exhibit The Political Line. I’m not sure if the exhibit is very popular,because it was a Saturday, or because there was 1 week left for this exhibit  but the line to get in and buy tickets was the longest line of my life lol. IMG_3378 IMG_3380 I knew absolutely nothing about him before walking into this exhibit and I left a little knowledgeable yet still confused about what I saw. I know that his particular style was the stick figure people but I thought that every piece looked the same for different political or social issues, so I found it hard to find the messages in his works. What took me by surprise was his images of sex and how many penises I saw and the sexual positions that they were drawn in. I finally figured out that he was gay by the 4th room lol (I know I had a late reaction). I was more concerned when I saw that parents brought their kids to see it lol!! I personally think there were to many penises in that exhibit for kids to see. I enjoyed walking through each room and seeing how his style changed during his career, and what influenced him.


of course thing would be my favorite piece out of the whole entire show

Overall I thought it was a good exhibit and something new I got to see. I’ve never been the type of person to look at a piece of art and know exactly what the artist is trying to say and if it takes me to long I get pissed and give me up lol(I’m working on my patience with art especially contemporary). I can’t wait to back to the De Young museum and see the next exhibit. IMG_3381


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